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Vehicle Sourcing

"Let FPD find your perfect car! saving you 10-20% off the forecourt price or source a rare vehicle"

Fast Performance Direct is a UK-based e-commerce company selling used cars direct from Motor Manufacturers and National Fleets Operators direct to consumers, cutting out the traditionally high-margin car dealers. 

FPD was founded in 2020 in reaction against the lack of transparency and dismal customer experience that is expected in the new and used car industry. 

By sourcing cars direct from Manufacturers and National Fleets Operators, Fast Performance Direct effectively cuts out the middleman, disintermediating the high costs, high margins car dealers and offering consumers huge savings from 10% up words compared to traditional car dealers and car supermarkets. 
From FPD each vehicle sourced for sale will be described extensively backed up with a comprehensive inspection report. 

Cars are thoroughly described, and if a car has any cosmetic damage, it will be emphasized through the comprehensive vehicle inspection report and prior to any delivery a multi-point check will take place which makes online buying a safe and convenient option for used vehicles purchases. 

Since June 2009, it is also possible for customers to pre-order cars that are due to come off-fleet in the next few weeks, enabling even greater savings for the consumers and greater flexibility for any fleet company.
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Prices for Vehicle Sourcing
Option A: £5000 or less valued vehicle - FPD sourcing fee £500
Option B: £5000 - £10000 value vehicle - £750
Option C: £10000 - £20000 value vehicle - £1000
Car sourced will be subject to admin fee's through fleet & auction houses, FPD sourcing fees if private market and delivery fees which are additional to purchase price of vehicle.
Call for more details. (Prices include VAT)
Optional Extra Services
Option A:  We road test vehicle and confirm condition included in price above
Option B: We prepare the car for you as one of our own inventory by detailing the car inside and out, mechanically service it and offer you a warranty. (Call for more details and fee's as every car is different)
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