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Detailing Service

            Fast Performance Ultimate Valet. Estimated time: 4 hours approx. Estimated cost: £250

Our most comprehensive valet treatment, the ultimate valet for your car, including

  • All wheels cleaned with non acidic wheel cleaner to remove baked on brake dust with deep reaching brushes.

  • Lower sills, door shuts and boot shuts pre sprayed with a gentle citrus based degreaser

  • Power rinse

  • Pre Wash Snow Foam bath with our popular safe pre wash foaming agent PH Neutral  foam and applied with a foaming lance for the best results

  • Safe 2 bucket wash and grit guard system used with a PH neutral shampoo enriched with a carnuba wax

  • Bonnet & boot gutters cleaned and polished

  • Door shuts cleaned and polished

  • Dried with warm filtered air scratch less dry finish

  • Wax Sealant coating application to all wheels (Alloy only)

  • Paintwork checked for optimum cleaning

  • Paintwork treated with aqua wax for a high shine

  • Paintwork Pre wax cleanser applied to all bodywork to help aid bonding process of wax

  • Tyres and exterior plastics cleaned, conditioned and protected

  • Rubber seals cleaned and conditioned

  • Wheel arches pre sprayed with a gentle citrus based degreaser and comprehensively cleaned

  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and polished

  • Repel rain/water repellent coating to all exterior windows

  • All chrome and stainless steel surfaces cleaned, polished and protected

  • Exhaust tips cleaned and polished

  • Interior surfaces cleaned via a professional wet carpet extraction system

  • Interior cleaned and detailed using trusted processes including leather cleaning, conditioning and feeding

  • Interior of the vehicle is air purged

  • Interior of the vehicle is fully steamed to eliminate bacteria

  • All interior mats removed and shampooed

  • Engine bay wiped down with degreaser (ENGINE BAY NOT PRESSURE WASHED)

  • Air Conditioning system cleaned (Extra £15)

  • Protection coating: 1 coat of carnauba wax (Swissvax Crystal Rock)

  • Durability of coating: up to 8 months

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